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A little bit about me and mine

WELCOME, thank you for coming over.

I am Alison, aka The Border Collie Trainer

I have trained  border collies to top flight national agility competition standards, to find missing people, to find tiny items in scentwork tasks, to use their herding instincts around games as well as sheep, to work calmly in massively distracting situations and to be relaxed, happy fulfilled border collies.

I know what it takes to help our border collies. I have lived with several rescue border collies who all came with 'interesting' habits, it is often these border collies that teach me the most and hold a very special place in my heart for all that they overcame.

Here in the BEST BORDER COLLIE CLUB  I will help you to understand, to learn about and to train your own border collie to be the BEST BORDER COLLIE


There are a few ways we can work together to get the Best Border Collie.

Best Border Collie Club in person training.

Best Border Collie Club Online 

1:1 training in person or online 



This is our monthly club

I offer a monthly face to face training club where we work in a private, calm, secure venue so that the border collies can all flourish and work safely. We learn together, giving our border collies games and activities that stimulate their border collie brains. Using their instincts and talents in a controlled way we make them feel less frustrated, helping to lessen some of those border collie habits that they love to repeat time and time again.

I give you homework in lots of small easy steps to play at home with your border collie.

You can send me homework videos for feedback throughout the time between classes.

All of our training is done with love and kindness, using fun modern methods of training especially suited to the genius border collie. I don't use anything that will scare or harm our border collies, we work at the pace that suits you both as a team.

I use our border collie's strengths to boost their confidence and help them to learn how to be calmer and more controlled in situations that would often make them over excited.

Great for working on social skills, lead walking, coping with moving objects like joggers, bikes, dogs and critters.

I totally understand how tricky it can be to take a border collie out on a walk, the lunging, spinning and barking, the chasing and  pulling. Here in the monthly BEST BORDER COLLIE CLUB we work together as a team, building confidence and coping skills for both ends of the lead. The places are very limited and if you feel you cannot commit to a few minutes homework each day then this isn't the place for you, BUT if you are sure that you want to transform your border collie into THE BEST BORDER COLLIE then get on board.....start right now. 


If you and your border collie can't  come to our regular monthly club training then this IS the place for you! 

This is the online version of the BEST BORDER COLLIE CLUB.

In this online training club you can work with me every day to help your border collie to be the best. 

In the online club we have lots of videos of how and what to work through, all broken down into small easy to follow steps. 

All of the activities are specifically designed with the border collie in mind. We play the same games as we do in the face to face BBCC and you get feedback every day if you want it. 

I work with you to encourage calm, focussed skills, to help you to understand your amazing border collie. We work together to use their body and mind in creative, safe ways, playing to their cleverness and love of repeating patterns. 

If you need entertainment and brain work for your border collie alongside help to end those stressful walk situations then this is where to come. 

As well as  helping you to work on skills that will give your border collie more self control, more ability to stay calm and to focus on you so that walking becomes more fun and less frustrating for you both, I will help you to understand your border collie and how to provide them with appropriate jobs to keep them mentally and physically agile and fulfilled.

The best bit about this way of getting the Best Border Collie is that I am with you every step of the way, in your home, in person, in real time every day if you need me. 

You can post in our private and super friendly FB group for feedback and answers to any of your questions. 

Each week we have a meeting via zoom to chat face to face and iron out any issues that you bring to the group. 

You can join for as long as you need or a month, I look forward to helping you wherever in the world you live....because now we can work together every day using simple technology.


There are many reasons why you might not be able to join in with the monthly BBCC sessions, they fill super fast and might all be booked !

But don't worry, I can still help you to get The Best Border Collie. 

You can book a block of 1:1 lessons with me here at my training venue in North Norfolk. 

There is the option of safe, secure, private outdoor training or  a dedicated safe indoor space, whichever is more appropriate for your border collie. 

We can work together to help you and your border collie to overcome any difficult issues, car chasing, lunging, spinning, barking at other dogs etc.

I will use the same modern, fun and kind training techniques and games that appear in the online and monthly clubs. 

You will will get lots of homework videos and ideas to work through so that you can practise and get feedback. 

There will be practical activities, new routines and lots of information to help you to understand your border collie and help them to live their best life being the best border collie. 

You will need to commit to a few minutes each day to train, but it's so well thought through that you and your border collie probably won't even know you are training, it should be fun time and enjoyment for both of you.

In the sessions where we meet I will explain the reasons behind the training that I suggest, why we need to work in this particular way and how the learning will impact your border collie.

There are packages of 3 sessions, 6 sessions or 10 sessions available to book,  your dates will be booked when you purchase the block of lessons.

Each of the packages begins with an assessment and information gathering session so that we can find the perfect place to begin to transform your border collie into THE BEST BORDER COLLIE.

Welcome to the



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