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Our next in person class dates are here


Give your puppy the best start in life 

Monday 5.30 -6.30         £85 per dog

JANUARY     9, 16, 23, 30

FEBRUARY   6, 13


Maximum 5 puppies per class


These classes are open to dogs of any age who need basic training, all dogs work on lead.


If your pup won’t be fully vaccinated by the start of the class don’t worry, I often ask the handlers to come to first session even if the pup isn’t ready to come along too. At least that way you can get all the information then go home and practice with your pup in the safety of your own home.


I send a video and handouts of all the games we play so you have those all well.

Click the button below to contact me to book your space

IMG_2551 2.HEIC


Ideal for dogs who need to progress from puppy classes

Monday 7.00 - 8.00   £85 per dog


JANUARY 9, 16, 23, 30



In the Improvers Group we work on lead walking and recall skills with lots of fun focus games to help you stay the centre of your dogs universe now you are out and about on walks where everything is exciting and new.

I send a video and handouts of the games we play so you have those all well.

Click the button below to contact me to book your space



Train your dog to use his superpower, give your dog chance to do what he loves best.

Wednesday  5.30 -6.30          £85 per dog 

JANUARY     11, 18, 25

FEBRUARY     1, 8, 15 


Maximum 4 dogs per class

In the group we will teach your dog to find tiny objects hidden in wall, doors, cracks in the pavement and tree bark etc. As well as teaching a game of find a scented  article and bringing it back.

Your dog will learn how to freeze to show you they have found the tiny object and to bring back the scented article.

You will have lots of ideas and games to play at home so you can keep building the skills between classes and well after the classes have finished.

There are currently 4 levels of scentwork classes, all building on skills learned in the previous block.

Each block of classes is 6 lessons long, there are handouts for each class to help you work through the exercises at home.

Scentwork is a very relaxing and tiring game for our dogs, it builds focus, stamina and confidence.

Dogs ‘see’ the whole world through the patterns of scent much more than their vision.

You will learn loads of cool facts about your dog and their truly amazing power of sniffing….prepare to have your mind blown….watching your dog sniff a lamppost will never be the same again 😂😂

If you are the person who constantly loses the remote for the tv or your car keys….then you can train your dog, using these principles, to find them for you 😱😱.

Sadly my dog is yet to find my missing marbles 😂😂🙈🙈

I send a video and handouts of all the games we play so you have those all well.

Click the button below to contact me to book your space



The next step if your dog has already smashed the scentwork for beginners course

WEDNESDAY 7.00 - 8.00.    £85 per dog

Maximum 4 dogs per class

JANUARY  11, 18, 25

FEBRUARY 1,  8, 15, 

In the intermediate class we continue with the source odours that we used in the beginners sessions. 
Now we make the searches longer and more complex. 

We introduce your dog to the concept of "line ups' so they can start to search collections of objects as well as spaces

You will have a fabulous time....we get quite inventive with our searches 😉

Your dog will learn how to search vehicles and outside spaces as well as improve in confidence finding things that I hide without you knowing.



WEDNESDAYS 12.30 -1.30   £85 per dog 

JANUARY 11, 18, 28

FEBRUARY 1, 8, 15

Maximum 4 dogs per group

The Advanced scentwork class will teach your dog to find smaller things in more challenging places. 

We will introduce a new liquid source odour giving us endless new possibilities to for hides. 

You will learn how to get your dog to find one scented item amongst other items and to search in wider and more distracting areas, including how to indicate on finds that are out of reach.

This course is the third of 4 levels of scentwork for your dog 

Prepare yourself for mindblowing work from your dog

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IMG_3124 2.HEIC


The Course For Hunters, Sniffers And Chasers

Monday 7.00 - 8.00          £85 per dog


This course is currently available online 24/7

In this course we are going to examine many aspects of what drives our dogs to behave as they do when they are out on a walk. 

Many of us struggle to get a rock solid recall in some situations yet have an amazing recall in other places. 

The hours of practice in our house and garden, proofing and working through distractions have all laid great foundations but somehow we still seem to lose our dogs to more stimulating and exciting things on a walk. 

Many of us have dogs who love to hunt and chase. 

This is part of what makes a dog a dog. 

This course will teach you how to use the things your dog loves to your advantage. 

You will be the bringer of all good things on your walks

Prepare for an amazing transformation 

I send a video and handouts of all the games we play so you have those all well.

Click the button below to contact me to book your space

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